Redstone Cannon Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 567 views |

This plugin allows you to hop extremely high into the air. The jump is affected with a funny particle and even sound while launching! To use it you just need the permissions.


In this update i remade the plugin! Added some extra things and a better setup!

How to use?

Place a sponge, under the sponge place a sign with the follow things:

  • Line 1: [cannon]
  • Line 2: 1-10 (This will be the power) Every sponge have his own sign with his own power

The 4th line will appear automaticly after creating the sign!


  • redstonecannon.use = Allows the player to use the cannon!
  • redstonecannon.create = Allows the player to use the cannon!

Have fun!

Comming soon: Cannon will be powered with redstone!

Pictures You dont need to use this frame! It can be anything you want! Use your imagination

Important info

Works on every version higher then 1.7.2 !!!

Redstone Cannon Plugin 1.7.2 Download Links

Credits: qintinator, PandaCrafter1