Realistic TNT Plugin 1.6.4

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Realistic TNT

Blowing away is the new blowing up.

Realistic TNT alters the explosion mechanics on your server. Instead of boringly destructing the blocks affected by an explosion Realistic TNT makes them fly away. The blocks will eventually drop on the ground as debris. Explosions in caves and tunnels can cause them to cave-in and players can suffocate if they are standing where the debris lands.

Indestructable blocks won’t be affected by Realistic TNT. This means, you can’t use it for pushing obsidian or bedrock. It also doesn’t affect the strength of explosions.


RealisticTNT will create the default configuration file when it’s starting for the first time.

- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end
- (List of excluded block types)
maxFallingBlocks: 20

  • You can disable RealisticTNT in a world by removing the entry from the enabledWorlds list.
  • The excludedBlocks list can contain block types which will not be affected by RealisticTNT. Blocks of the types on this list will explode as usual. Values can be block type Ids or Material names. Adding block Ids already contained in the internal exclusion list has no effect.
  • The maxFallingBlocks option limits the number of spawned falling blocks per explosion. Set this value to 0 to disable the limit.

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Credits: obnoxint