Rank Plugin 1.7.2

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Count your blocks and get ranks!

Added a global scoreboard for every player:
please give feedback on how it works (performance etc.)

A note to Online-tracking!

You all noticed, that i shifted the score of your players to my website?
To enable this, i have to make a connection to my Server, so i can sync your Server with it! I have no access to any data except the things collected by my plugin! To prevent fraud, i will silently track your Servers IP-Address, so i can remove servers that are cheating! I will not make this Address public to anyone and I will discuss this matter with everyone, who is concerned about his privacy!

This change is the first one in a series of bigger changes! I stated, that i want this plugin to be more a stats/ranks-plugin than simple counting of blocks. Your rank is now server-independent! And i will track more things like, kills, deaths, distance walked, exp collected, objects crafted, drops collected etc. I think, there are many things worth counted. And server-owners can give People rewards/permissions based on how high their rank is.


  • For every Block you break, you will get some Exp.
  • you can view your broken Blocks with “/ranks”.
  • All data is stored online on my website and gets synced with your server!
  • Edit the text displayed in the locale.dat
  • Edit how many exp you get per block in blocks.dat (will be defined by my website!)
  • Edit how many Exp you need to place/break blocks (coming soon again!)
  • For adding a sign with your name:
    • Line 0:[Ranks]
    • Line 1:yourname
    • Line 2:Will be Block-Break
    • Line 3:Will be Block-Place



  • Counts broken Blocks/placed Blocks.
  • Get different Exp. per Block. (will be defined by my website!)
  • Tells this to you
  • Will auto-check on startup for new updates!
  • Blocks now need some exp till they can be broken (coming soon again!)
  • You can place signs who will display your Rank to all Players passing by


  • Rise custom levels (and get something from it)
  • Add new things to track
  • Overhaul Website to get detailed statistics!


none of today

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Credits: Kostronor