QuickBans Plugin 1.7.2

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Do you run a fast paced Minecraft Server with players being banned every few seconds? Are you looking for a new way of training staff? Or are you just like me and plainly cannot be asked to type out a ban reason? Well QuickBans is for you!

QuickBans allows you to easily ban users with a set reason (in the config.yml) without any hastle. It’s so simple, just /griefing <name> or /gr <name>!

Commands & Permissions

Command Alias Description
/quickbans /qbans QuickBans help.
/ub Quickly unban a player.
/griefing /gr Ban a user for Griefing.
/stealing /st Ban a user for Stealing.
/homophobia /hm Ban a user for Homophobia.
/racism /rc Ban a user for Racism.
/permaban /pb Ban a user with the Permaban reason.

For permissions, you just need to make sure that the user has permission for the command they are running, e.g mcbans.ban.global. This is not a bug, I do know how to make permissions, just it’s quicker this way.

Banning Systems

We currently have support for four different banning systems: MCBans, MSBans, MCBouncer & good ol’ default banning. You can easily change which system you are using in the config.

  mcbans: false
  msbans: false
  mcbouncer: false

By default, if none are selected, then it reverts to Bukkit bans. You can change what commands are used in the config as well,

  default-command: "ban"
  mcbans-global-ban-command: "gban"
  msbans-global-ban-command: "gban"
  mcbouncer-ban-command: "ban"
  mcbouncer-note-command: "addnote"
  unban-command: "unban"

Support will be added for /addnote soon, e.g /gr <name> note will note the player instead of banning them.

Getting something added

Currently we have the following reasons:

  • Griefing ? /griefing, /gr
  • Stealing ? /stealing, /st
  • Homophobia ? /homophobia, /hm
  • A lot more coming soon!

Please comment below anything you would love added, I’m always looking for new ways of improving this plugin! Thanks:)


Version 1.0: (Hawkeyezd)

  • Original plugin, includes /gr, /st, /hm, /ub and /qbans.
  • No noted bugs, everything appears to work!:)

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Credits: Hawkeyezd