Quartz Plus Mod 1.12.2/1.12/1.7.10

Quartz Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2

Updated: Feb 15, 2017 | 1,028 views |


Like the name implies, Quartz Plus Mod 1.12.2 performs the function of featuring nether quartz to Minecraft world. This quartz comes with 3 different variants including White quartz, rose quartz and smoky quartzy. Alongside, there is also a full compliment of blocks for the last two variants. So don’t hesitate to install the mod, especially you might have chance to get stairs and slabs in the future.



  • 0.8.4 ? Fixed an issue where other mods could conflict with Quartz Plus ID’s due to incorrect registration methods.
  • 0.8 ? Changed smoky quartz textures, now more orange-y than just gray, fixed pillar textures, and relocalized ?Nether Quartz? to just ?Quartz,? -I’m still working on stairs and slabs, update to 1.7.10 coming SOON!
  • 0.7 ? Added smoky and rose quartz variants with full compliment of blocks (pillar textures are broken right now) and decreased quartz spawn amount by 66% (only in the overworld.)
  • 0.6 ? Added quartz tools back in, now with a config option to disable them to decrease compatibility issues with other mods (namely applied energistics.)
  • 0.5 ? Updated to 1.7.2, temporarily removed quartz tools.
  • 0.4 ? Added a config option to choose whether surface quartz ore drops itself or nether quartz.
  • 0.3 ? Added modstats.org integration. Get notified of updated in-game now!
  • 0.2 ? Added Quartz Tools, fixed ore drop, changed version format.
  • 0.1 ? Initial release.

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For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: Robosphinx