PvP Shield Plugin 1.7.2

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PvP Shield is a simple but configurable plugin that protects players from pvp related damage after the respawn for a set amount of time. Not only does this plugin stop the player from taking damage by players, it also stops the player from damaging others during the buff time.

This plugin also blocks commands specified in the configuration file while the player is protected.

How To Install:

  1. Download and move PvPShield.jar to your servers plugins folder.
  2. Restart or reload your server
  3. Got to your servers plugins/PvPShield and open config.yml and configure the plugin as you wish.


  • /shield on ? Turn shield on shield (admin)
  • /shield on <player> ? Turn shield on for another player (admin)
  • /shield time ? show the set protection time (admin)
  • /shield time set <seconds> ? Set time protection time (admin)
  • /shield enable ? Enable shields on respawn (admin)
  • /shield disable ? Disable shields on respawn (admin)
  • /shield cancel ? Cancel you current shield (default)


  • shield.admin (gives access to all admin commands)

To Do:

  • Add support for potions
  • Configurable messages

Source Code:

You may modify this plugin in any way but you must provide credit to me if you distribute it.
GitHub: https://github.com/daawsomest/plugins

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Credits: daawsomest