Puzzling PVP Map

Updated: May 26, 2015 | 595 views |


This map is a PVP map for up to ten players. The goal of the game is to loot your fort and then go and take your castle to get huge upgrades before raining disaster on the other team. It uses the latest additions of minecraft including command blocks and the new potions!

If you do not spawn in the starting building teleport to this location!

  • x= 418
  • y=67
  • z=496



Main Castle: You must unlock this castle with your two levers you find in your fort!

Sneaky Positions allow for good sniping spots for archers


Inside spawn: In case you do not spawn here teleport to these coordinates!

  • x= 418
  • y=67
  • z=496


Overview of the map!


http://adf.ly/Kn08J ? Mediafire

http://adf.ly/KtFSG ? Mega

http://adf.ly/KtDlS ? 4Shared

Credits: Noah Turley ([email protected])