PurpleIRC Plugin 1.6.4

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About PurpleIRC

PurpleIRC is an IRC to Minecraft bridge plugin. This plugin supports running multiple bots on multiple channels. This plugin utilizes the PircBotX Java IRC framework (included in the plugin jar).


Features PurpleIRC

  • Relay chat from game to IRC and vice versa.
  • Relay game events to IRC.
  • Relay IRC events top game.
  • Translate colors from game to IRC and vice versa.
  • Fully configurable message templates.
  • Enable or disable any chat feature to and from the game.
  • Most of the configuration options are per bot and per channel.
  • Each bot can join multiple channels.
  • The bot can automatically op IRC users based on user masks.
  • The bot can control and protect the topic.
  • The bot can set channel modes.
  • The bot will automatically reconnect to the IRC server on disconnect.
  • The bot can respond to commands in IRC chat.
  • The bot can send any command to the game via the console.
  • Supports prefixes and suffixes. (see sample config for details)
  • Displays IRC users in the tab list. (requires ProtocolLib)
  • Monitor player command usage.

How to install PurpleIRC

  • Just drop the jar file in your plugins directory and restart your server. This will create thesample bot and folders.
  • Configure permissions.
  • Copy the sample bot to your PurpleIRC/bots/ folder and configure as needed. Every option is documented.


  • PircBotX: The PircBotX classes are included in the plugin jar file.
  • Vault. If you need to use the %GROUP% token then install Vault.
  • ProtocolLib. If you need to use the custom tab list then install ProtocolLib.


node default description
irc.<COMMAND> op Every command requires a permission node.
irc.message.chat true Receive IRC chat messages
irc.message.gamechat true Send game chat to IRC
irc.message.action true Receive IRC chat actions (/me)
irc.message.quit false Receive IRC quit messages
irc.message.join false Receive IRC join messages
irc.message.disconnect op Receive IRC disconnect messages
irc.message.connect op Receive IRC connect messages
irc.message.kick false Receive IRC kick messages
irc.message.nickchange false Receive IRC nick change messages
irc.message.topic false Receive IRC topic messages
irc.message.part false Receive IRC part messages
irc.tablist op Display IRC users in tab list


command args description
/irc reload Reload entire plugin (disable then enable)
/irc reloadconfig Reload config.yml
/irc save ([bot]) Save bot configuration(s) to disk
/irc reloadbot [bot] Reload the bot config and reconnect
/irc reloadbots Reload all bot configs and reconnect
/irc reloadbotconfig [bot] Reload bot config without reconnecting
/irc reloadbotconfigs Reload all bot configs without reconnecting
/irc connect ([bot]) Connect to configured IRC serve
/irc disconnect ([bot]) Disconnect from configured IRC server
/irc listbots List loaded bots
/irc list ([bot]) ([channel]) List users in a channel
/irc kick [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Kick user(s) from a channel
/irc op [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Op user(s) in a channel
/irc listops [bot] [channel] List auto ops for a channel
/irc deop [bot] [channel] [user(s)] DeOp user(s) in a channel
/irc addop [bot] [channel] [user mask] Add user mask to op list
/irc removeop [bot] [channel] [user mask] Remove user mask from op list
/irc server [bot] [server] ([true|false]) Set IRC server for bot. Optionally set autoconnect
/irc mute [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Mute user(s) in a channel
/irc unmute [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Unmute user(s) in a channel
/irc nick [bot] [nick] Change the bot’s IRC nickname
/irc login [bot] [login] Change the bot’s IRC login
/irc join [bot] [channel] Join a channel
/irc leave [bot] [channel] ([reason)] Leave a channel
/irc whois ([bot]) [nick] Get IRC user’s whois info
/irc say [bot] [channel] [message] Make the bot say something
/irc send ([bot]) ([channel]) [message] Send a message to a channel
/irc debug ([t|f]) Enable debug mode
/irc messagedelay [bot] ([milliseconds]) Get or set IRC message delay. (Default: 1000)
/irc msg ([bot]) [user] [message] Send a private message to IRC user
/irc ctcp ([bot]) [user|channel] [message] Send ctcp command to user or channel.
/irc notice ([bot]) [user|channel] [message] Send notice command to user or channel.
/irc sendraw ([bot]) [command] Send raw command to IRC server.

IRC User Modes

mode description
o Operator
v Voice
h Half Op
q Channel Owner
s Super Op

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Credits: cnaude