ProtectAnimals Plugin 1.6.4

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About ProtectAnimals Plugin

  •  It’s quite simple, neutral Animals and Villagers are completely protected by player damage, when either the player or the animal/villager is standing in a WorldGuard-Region, where the player cannot build.
  •  Additionally tamed ocelots(cats) and tamed wolves(dogs) are protected, while untamed Mobs aren’t protected
  •  People, who cannot attack, can also not tie up an animal with a leash and not feed any animals(very smart griefers could produce a huge amount of animal, that would cause lags and that’s not cool at all)
  •  It’s not possible to get on a horse, when you cannot build in a specific region and also you can’t dismount, because if you would, your horse will be lost forever in that region and we don’t want that!
  •  Projectiles fired / thrown by Witches or Skeletons are blocked, when the animal/villager is standing in a WorldGuard Region(with the exception: the “global” ? Region)
  •  Creepers are harmless against protected animals and villagers. But you’ll still get damage, so don’t be so naive!
  •  Players can throw Damage-Bottles all day long, but nothing will happen, except they are starting to throw healing pots?.but hey this wouldn’t get anyone mad !
  •  Players are blocked from dyeing sheeps, when the player cannot build at the location of himself or the location of the sheep.

How to install ProtectAnimals Plugin

  •  Download the version of your choice
  •  Place the .jar in your server-plugins directory
  •  Either reload, restart or start your Server
  •  Completed. Have fun, and stop slaughtering poor Animals

Which commands can i use in ProtectAnimals Plugin

  • ? instead of “/pa” you can use “/protectanimals”
  • ? “/pa” shows available Commands
  • ? “/pa help” shows what kind of Entities are protected in WorldGuard Regions
  • ? “/pa info” gives Information about the Plugin(Author, etc?)
  • ? “/pa reload” reloads the config
  • ? “/pa leave” forces leaving a horse

 ProtectAnimals Plugin Permission nodes

  • ? “” includes all commands that gives simple information
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.reload” gives acces to the “/pa reload” command
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.update” players with this node, will get update informationen
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.dye” allows people to dye a sheep everywhere
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.exit” allows people to jump off horses everytime
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.feed” gives permission to feed every animal
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.potion” allows members to throw bad potions at animals
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.rename” people can rename every animal
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.ride” allows people to jump on horses everytime
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.shear” allows people to shear a sheep everywhere
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.shoot” arrows, snowballs etc are not longer blocked
  • ? “ProtectAnimals.bypass.tie” people can tie up every animal

ProtectAnimals Plugin Required

  • ? for this Plugin you’ll need WorldGuard

# Important Information!!! #

  • ? The PlugIn normally searches for an update and opens a connection.
  • ? this Update-Check can be toggeled within the config.yml
  • ? the update-checker uses this Link to check the latest version:
  • ?

ProtectAnimals Plugin Known Issues

  • ? if you use “PlotMe Animal” you have to write “/protectanimals ?” instead of “/pa ?”

ProtectAnimals Plugin 1.6.4 Download Links

Credits: JapuDCret