Private Horse Plugin 1.6.4

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====== Private Horse======

Now, you can private your horse !

Private Horse allow you and your players to priavate them horses.
No commands for protect, just an item : Owner saddle


? Private access to any horse & his inventory
? Add extra horse inventory ! (with plugin HorseInventory)
? Block horses damages if no passenger (congifurable)
? 3 Protections modes
? Command to tp WITH horse
? Permissions
? Craft new saddle (permission support)
? Summon horse with command (Beta)
? Easly give ownership

?How protect horse ?:

To protect horse, 4 step :

  1. Get an owner saddle (/ownerSaddle) or craft it (if enable)!
  2. Right click in the air to define an owner
  3. And equip this saddle to your horse
  4. That’s all !


Command Permission Informations
/privatehorse none Display informations about plugin
/ownersaddle horseprotect.give Give you an Owner Saddle
/tphorse <player> horseprotect.tpplayer Teleport to the Player
/tphorse <x> <y> <z> horseprotect.tppos Teleport to the position x y z
/summonhorse <horse name> horseprotect.summon Summon horse with the custom name (BETA)
/privatehorse reload horseprotect.reload reload Configuration


horseprotect.give ==> Allow access to command /ownerSaddle
horseprotect.tpplayer ==> Allow access to command /tphorse <player>
horseprotect.tppos ==> Allow access to command /tphorse <x> <y> <z>
horseprotect.summon ==> Allow access to command /summonhorse
horseprotect.bypass ==> Bypass ALL horses protections
horseprotect.reload ==> Can reload configuration
horseprotect.craft ==> Can craft an owner saddle


Entry Default Informations
BypassIfPermission true Allow or not to bypass protection if player has permission “horseprotect.bypass”
AllowSaddleCraft true Allow crafting of saddleOwner (one saddle & one sign)
RestrictLead false Can’t mount horse if is leashed
HorseProtectionDamageIfUnmount 0 Type of protections if horse has no passenger
/ 0 = Default (no damage if saddle & tamed & no passenger)
/ 1 = No damage if no passenger & tamed
/ 2 = No damage if no passenger
HorseProtectionDamageIfMount 0 Type of protections if horse has passenger
/ 0 = (Default) No Damage Protect
/ 1 = Damage Protect if Saddle


? Fix little errors
? Add Leash protection support
v 1.4 :
? Add Lead restrict
? Add One more option in ProtectIfunmount
? Add Summon system (BETA)

v 1.3 :
? Add saddle permission

v 1.2 :
? Add saddle crating
? Add reload command

v 1.1 ? 3 :
? Add /tphorse <x> <y> <z>
? Permissions changes

v 1.1 & 1.1-2:
-Compatible 1.6.4
? Add /tphorse <player>
? 1.1 -2 solve problems

v 1.0:
-Frst version


?Ideas for futur:
? Summon horse with Id system (who work at 100%)
? Give ideas

?Recommended Plugin :
? ChestShop (for sell SaddleOwner)

?Unrecommended plugins :
? Plugin to change items names (if player can change item name, they can convert any saddle into Owner saddle)

?Thanks :
? To xH3LLRAIZ3Rx for his ideas (tphorse, summon horse).

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Credits: DarkPingoo