Poke Plugin 1.7.2

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Liked the “Pop” plugin on the The Shotbow network? Or, liked the idea of poking your friends, and watching them disappear for a few seconds, and earning a level after each poke? Well, I’m sure you have not! But, here you go! This plugin is great for hub servers that need something to do. With each punch a player will give off awesome particle effects, a sound, a level for you (to show how many pokes you have), a message to you and the player saying you have poked them, and the player that you poked will appear “gone” to you (no longer visible) for 3 seconds, this is to avoid constant poking. Everything is configurable and explained in the config.


  • Particle effect upon poke
  • Sound effect upon poke
  • Earn 1 level for each poke
  • Players disappear for 3 seconds to the player who poked them
  • Messages to players after being poked
  • Disable some worlds
  • Everything is configurable!


  • /poke help ? Require plugin help
  • /poke reload ? Reload the plugin


  • poke.help ? Require plugin help ? By default for OPs
  • poke.reload ? Reload the plugin ? By default for OPs
  • poke.player ? Poke players ? By default for everybody
  • poke.mob ? Poke all mobs ? By default for everybody
  • poke.mob.name ? Poke a certain mob ? By default for everybody


  • Add bypass permission for disabled worlds

Sponsored servers

  • mc.punchcraft.us

Have fun, and happy poking!


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Credits: DancingWalrus, DenialMC