PluginManager Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin was created to prove that unloading plugins is possible without the API for it. It is a lightweight and simple-to-use plugin for managing plugins on your server.


  • Load plugins!
  • Unload plugins!
  • Enable plugins!
  • Reload plugins!
  • Show detailed info about plugins, such as what jar file they were loaded from!
  • List plugins in any way you want!
  • Unregister commands!
  • Set the priorities of commands!
  • Find plugins on BukkitDev!
  • Check for updates!

Commands and Permissions

The command is: /pluginmanager
Aliases: /pm, /plm, /plman

Note: Please use Java 7 for best results

The command will be displayed as “/pm” for the sake of shortness.

Command Permission Node Description
/pm ? Shows the menu
/pm enable <plugin> pluginmanager.enable Enables a plugin
/pm disable <plugin> pluginmanager.disable Disables a plugin
/pm load <filename> pluginmanager.load Load a plugin into your server
/pm unload <plugin> pluginmanager.unload Disables a plugin and then removes it from the server
/pm reload <plugin> pluginmanager.reload Unloads and then loads a plugin
/pm sreload <plugin> pluginmanager.softreload Disables and then enables a plugin
/pm show <plugin> Shows information(and it’s pretty detailed!) about a plugin
/pm list [options] pluginmanager.list Lists plugins. Accepts options(scroll down for a list)
/pm cmd unregister <plugin> <command> pluginmanager.cmd.unregister Unregisters a plugin’s command!
/pm cmd priority <plugin> <command> pluginmanager.cmd.priority Set the priority of a plugin’s command to highest!
/pm plug-get search <name> Searches BukkitDev for a plugin with a matching or partially matching name
/pm plug-get check <slug> pluginmanager.plugget.check Checks BukkitDev for the latest version of the plugin’s slug (for example: pm-pluginmanager)
? pluginmanager.* Gives all PluginManager permissions!
? pluginmanager.cmd.* Allows use of all /pm cmd commands!

List options

Option Description
-v Lists plugins with versions
-o Lists all options
-a Displays plugins in alphabetical order
-s:[plugin] Lists all plugins that have [plugin] in their names, also known as “search”

All commands are CaSe-SeNsItIvE!

Progress and stuff (todo list for the next release)

  • Fix wildcard permissions not granting access to plugget commands: Done

Some random FAQ

What’s the purpose of this plugin?
It was originally written to find a way to unload plugins. It worked, so I decided to release it.

There are a lot of these kinds of plugins, why make another one?
No plugin managers that could unload plugins existed after PluginReloader died. So that’s why I made this plugin.

What’s the difference between this and other plugin manager plugins such as PlugMan?
PlugMan contains pretty dangerous commands such as the purge command. Its unload command also isn’t as powerful or bug-free as the one in this plugin. Most other plugins don’t even have unload commands!

I unloaded a plugin, but I can’t delete it!
This was addressed in PluginManager 1.1. If this problem still persists, please submit a ticket.

I’ve seen a plugin called PluginManager before!
I have made a plugin with the same name back in September of 2011. At that time, I was learning Bukkit, so I was trying random things. The plugin didn’t turn out to be that great, so I let it die. Now, seeing other pitiful plugin manager plugins, I’ve decided to completely recode and revive it.

What’s the difference between load and enable and unload and disable?
To unload is to disable and remove the plugin from your server. Disabling is to unregister listeners and commands.
To load to add the plugin to your server. Enabling is simply registering listeners and commands.

Can I disable x plugin for a certain world?
No, that is not how plugins are handled. If you want it disabled for a certain world, ask the author of that plugin for multiworld support.

PluginManager is incompatible with PerWorldPlugins!
This is to be expected because PerWorldPlugins replaces Bukkit’s plugin system. We believe that plugins should just add multiworld support, so we will not take action.

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Credits: Technius, Sehales