PlayerStacker Plugin 1.7.2

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Perfection Update: We recently have updated to PlayerStacker 3.0, our biggest update. In this updated we have finally perfected a remake of Mineplex’s stacker hub tweak. You can now right click a player, then left click anywhere in the direction you want to through them. You may also turn on and off stacking so people may or may not stack you. Our new configuration has more features which allow you to give stackers on join, an option to remove stacker mode on death, and whether to enable stackers or not.


? PlayerStacker allows you to right click players and have them stacked on you. It will look as if they are riding you when the stacker is in control. Anybody can get stacked if they have the right permissions, also once you are stacked you can either press shift to get off or they can right click on you. This plugin was recreated from the MinePlex’s hub server which has something similar to this plugin.


/playerstacker ? Gives information on the plugin.
/givestacker ? Gives yourself an item to enable/disable stacking for yourself.

Permissions Description
playerstacker.stack Allows you to stack a player by right clicking on them.
playerstack.stackable Without this permission nobody will be able to stack you.
playerstack.eject Allows the stacker to right click the person they have stacked and eject them.
playerstacker.stackertool Allows you to use the command /givestacker.

(playerstack.eject) is HIGHLY recommended. Without the the stacker cannot get rid of the player stacked unless the player shift’s.


PlayerStacker Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: Muod