Player Helper Plugin 1.7.2

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About The Plugin

What the plugin actually does is when you have a player that asks a question it helps you respond fast with predefined messages in the config. So say a player was wondering on how to make a claim, you can have a staff type: .claimhelp and the server will broadcast a message predefined in the config, you cant forget the period at the beginning of the word. In the default configuration, i use help to show you how the plugin works: If a player is not sure on commands they have and say what commands do i have? you just type .help and a message will appear on the server displaying information on how to find out. You can add as many different messages as you want! There is op and permission support. You can change the prefix that appears in the chat to for example I use [Help]. There is a setting in the config where you can choose for your entered message to show or not, if its true the .help will not show if its false .help will display in the chat.


  • /helper ? reloads the config.


  • /helper ? helper.reload
  • Then we have the messages so helper.(messagename) the message name is the same as the one you entered in the configuration.

How It Works

For test purposes i will be using the default .help. You can see how i type this below: When I hit enter this is what displays in chat, as you can see its the same as in the config to:

If there are any bugs on the plugin please paste your error log in the comments below.

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Credits: jcbjoe