Player Faker Plugin for Bukkit 1.7.2

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Player Faker


This extremely lightweight, and work in progress plugin will eventually allow players in-game, or the console to have other players “join” and “leave” and talk as other players. So far, in-game players and the console can have players “join” and “leave”. They can also chat as another player. My next goal, is to add players to the online players screen, so it will be full proof!


/fj <username> ? Broadcasts to the server that a player has joined

/fj <username> leave ? Broadcasts to the server that a player has left

/ta <username> <insert message here> ? Allows user to talk as a player to the entire server

To Do List

  • Add permissions
  • Make fake errors for people being pranked


This project still has a bit more work from the way I see it, but if you have any suggestions or feedback, please PM me or comment below. If you experience any problems, comment or PM me, and I’ll try to fix the problem!

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