Pixelator Plugin 1.7.4

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Brief description

Pixelator allows you to put an image from a file or an url onto a map and share it with other players or put them in item frames as a kind of showcase!




  • You can create an infinite amount of image maps
  • Renderers are saved to file when the plugin disables and will be loaded from it on startup (the file will be deleted after this process)
  • Images are rendered instantly onto maps, no ghosting bars
  • Image maps can be put in item frames so everyone can see them
  • You can display a list of all active image maps with some details
  • Doesn’t lag the server due to the use of a new thread for loading/rendering the images
  • Easy usage
  • Detailed help pages

All listed features above are always referring to the newest version of UltimateRockets!


Commands & Permissions


Command Description Permissions
/pixel create <source> Creates a new image map Pixelator.create
/pixel give <id> Gives you the desired image map Pixelator.give
/pixel remove <id> Removes an image map Pixelator.remove
/pixel list Shows a list of available image maps Pixelator.list
/pixel reload Reloads the whole plugin Pixelator.reload
/pixel help [page] Shows the help pages None
? All Pixelator permissions Pixelator.*



Bugs? Errors? Problems? New Ideas?

If you find any bug/error send me a message or post a comment, please! You can also send me any ideas you have for this plugin.


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Credits: DarkBladee12