PhysicBoom Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 667 views |

Completely Recoded!

What is this thing?

If you’ve ever played TNT Wizards on, you will know what this is about!

Whenever TNT, a TNT Minecart, a Creeper or a Ghast Fireball explodes, blocks will be fired into the air and land on the ground to create even more destruction than a usual explosion?

WorldGuard Compatibility

Coming in the next update?

Permissions and Commands

None! This is just simple and awesome

What would it be good for?

If you have a Factions, Raiding, PVP or Hardcore server this would be a great plugin for your players to enjoy

Thanks for reading, and if you downloaded? Thanks for that too ?

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Credits: TheKomputerKing