Persistent-Nicknames Plugin 1.7.2

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Persistent Colored Nicknames

This plugin allows players to set nicknames for themselves that will stay over server restarts and player logouts. The nicknames also have color code support, even the special formatting codes such as magic text, bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough.


  1. == Nick yourself ==
    • Permission: nickname.use or
    • Command: /nick <nickname>
  2. == Turn off your nickname ==
    • Permission: nickname.use or
    • Command: /nickoff
  3. == Nickname someone else ==
    • Permission: nickname.use.other or
    • Command: /nicko <otherplayer> <nickname>

To Do

  • Add realname
  • Add blacklist (Configurable)
  • Add per-player nickname use disabling (Configurable)
  • Add nickname character limit (Configurable)


As of right now, the different config files perform differnet functions. The config.yml stores the nicknames, the settingsConfig.yml stores the blacklist, and the options.yml will store what would usually go in the config.yml

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Credits: MeZTech