PermsToggle Plugin 1.7.2

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This tool allows you and your staff to be safer with special permissions (like the override permission for world guard) by toggleing them on and off.

This is NOT a replacement for your existing permission plugin, this just works in tandem with it!


  • Allows toggling of the worldguard override permission with a simple command
  • Coming Soon: Allows the creation of custom commands to toggle specific permissions.

How It Works

This plugin acts like another permissions plugin (like zPermissions, Privilages, PermissionsBukkit, etc) except that instead of setting all the permissions for a user, it only deals with specific ones.

Example: /wgo

When a user runs the /wgo command, they are first checked for the permstoggle.wgo permission, and if that is missing, it stops at that point.

Then it checks to see if the user has the permission worldguard.region.override.<currentWorldName>, if they don’t have it, permistoggle attaches to that user, and sets that permission to true,and stops there.

If they already have the permission, permstoggle will remove it’s assertion of worldguard.region.override.<currentWorldName> and then stops

As permstoggle does not touch the permissions issued by your main permissions plugin, permissions changed by permstoggle will not be saved in your existing permission system, and will not conflict with permissions given by other plugins.


  • /wgo ? WorldGuard Override


  • permstoggle.wgo ? Allows use of the worldguard override


Currently, there is no configuration, all needed information is gathered from your permissions plugin.

Permissions Support

This tool manifests itself as a permissions attachment to all users that successfully run the /wgo command, and should work with all permissions plugins that properly impliment the SuperPerms (bukkit) permission system, PEX IS NOT SUPPORTED And will likley never be, as PEX overrides the normal permission checks, so my permissions-attachments are ignored (tested with zPermissions)

Known Issues

When a user already has a permission, and permstoggle is invoked, it will display a message stating that the permission was toggled off, while in reality, nothing happens.

Wish List

  • Config-file based permissions with dynamic commands
  • Error Message when a user already has the defined permission, and we did not give it to them, now it just says “no longer overriding” but does nothing.


PermsToggle Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: KJ4IPS