Papotronics Plugin 1.7.2

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Papotronics is a plugin designed for customize chat and add crafts on the server, los comandos son en español.


  • UTF-8 Compatible (Puedes usar acentos, símbolos no)
  • Add crafts: Wither bow, Grass, MossyCobblestone, Web, horses armors, saddles & all discs.
  • Can clear your chat.
  • Can clear the global chat.
  • Can mutes & unmutes the global chat.
  • Can denied access to use certain commands when the global chat are muted.
  • Can vote the server.
  • Customize “/say” prefix, sufix, message & sound.
  • See the colors & formats of text (/colores).
  • Customize “player join & leave the game.”.
  • Can customize the wither bow (name and description with colors!).

Commands and permissions:

Command Description Permission Version
/papas See the information of this plugin & version Default 0.2.5
/limpiar Clear your individual chat Default 0.2.5
/limpiarchat Clear the global chat papo.limpiar 0.2.5
/mutear Mute the global chat (player with this permission, bypass the mute) papo.mute 0.2.5
/desmutear Unmutes the global chat papo.mute 0.2.5
/say <message> Send broadcast message (fully customize in config.yml) papo.say 0.2.5
/sayinfo See the especifics commands for /say papo.mute 0.2.5
/colores See all prefix colors for use in /say Default 0.2.5
/paporeload Reload the config.yml of this plugin papo.reload 0.2.5
/votar Can insert the url for vote the server Default 0.2.7

Crafts or Uses with permissions:

Craft Description Permission Version
Horse armors Crafts a horse iron/gold/diamond armor papo.armor 0.2.5
Saddle Craft a saddle papo.saddle 0.2.5
Wither Bow Crafts a Wither Bow papo.arco 0.2.5
Horse armors Crafts a horse iron/gold/diamond armor papo.armor 0.2.5
Discs Crafts all discs papo.discos 0.2.7
Grass Crafts a block of Grass papo.grass 0.2.7
Mossy Cobblestone Crafts a block of mossycobblestone papo.mossy 0.2.7
Web Crafts a spiderweb papo.web 0.2.7


  • Can specify the name of the server to customize some commands (in 0.2.5)
  • Add commands: /papo, /paporeload, /limpiar, /limpiarchat, /mutear, /desmutear, /say, /sayinfo and /colores (in 0.2.5)
  • Can fully customize the /say prefix, sufix, message (in 0.2.5)
  • Can craft wither bow, grass, horse armors and saddle (in 0.2.5)
  • Can mute global chat and unmute it (in 0.2.5)
  • Can customize the message of joined and left the game (in 0.2.5)
  • Can clear your chat and global chat (in 0.2.5)
  • Can see the list of formatting codes of colors in /say and playing sound (in 0.2.5)
  • Add permissions for crafting and use commands (in 0.2.7)
  • Can translate config.yml using UTF-8 (in 0.2.7)
  • Add crafts: grass, mossy cobblestone, web and discs (in 0.2.7)
  • Add sound in /say (in 0.2.7)
  • Add command for vote the server (in 0.2.7)
  • Customize name and desription for Wither Bow (in 0.2.7)
  • Add permissions for crafting Wither Bow and optimized this (in 0.3.0)
  • Toggle on or off join and left messages (in 0.3.0)
  • Modify completly config.yml and /paporeload (in 0.3.0)
  • Add color supports where rewrite the name or desciption of Wither Bow (in 0.3.1)
  • Can cancel commands where the global chat is muted (in 0.3.2)
  • Add reason for muted global chat (in 0.3.2)
  • Play sound when player join on all server (in 0.3.3)
  • More options ? (in 0.3.3)

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Credits: mjl1010, Papotronia