OpenPlayerInventory Plugin 1.6.4

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Current version 1.2.6

(It may take time till the file is released, because every file has to be approved.)

This administrative plugin implements features to secure your server if someone is for example:

  • a griefer -> get his inventory and give back the materials he stole
  • a liar(he has an item or block in his inventory, which isn’t owned by himself, but he won’t say that) -> open his inventory and remove the item / block
  • a clever thief(he put the items into his enderchest, so nobody can proof his thievery) -> open his enderchest and remove the item / block
You could also give your Inventory to someone else. Maybe good for a toolkid or so? ?


The Commands with their permissions and descriptions are:

Make sure the target is online!

  • all functions -> openplayerinventory.*
  • opi -> opens a players inventory -> openplayerinventory.opi
  • cpi -> copies a players inventory to your inventory -> openplayerinventory.cpi
  • ppi -> pastes your inventory to a players inventory -> openplayerinventory.ppi
  • ope -> opens a players enderchest -> openplayerinventory.opec
  • ca -> copies the armor of the target ->
  • pa -> pastes your armor to the target ->
  • binvis -> makes you invisible (not the armor) [If you don’t wear any armor, you may be complete invisible, but the particles] -> openplayerinventory.binvis
  • mightyinvis -> makes you invisible, causes special effects and changes your armor into something mighty looking (armor is visible) -> openplayerinventory.mightyinvis
  • bvis -> removes potion effects and makes you visible again -> openplayerinventory.bvis
  • mightyvis -> removes potion effects and makes you visible again, causes overpowered special effects -> openplayerinventory.mightyvis

You could use “mightyvis”, if you don’t want to die in survival mode. If you want to remove these effects, simply type “bvis”.

“Magic traps” will reset itself after a restart
  • magictrap -> traps a player (never traps ops) -> no movement / no interaction / no commands / no building / no breaking -> openplayerinventory.magictrap
  • magicrelease -> releases the trapped player -> openplayerinventory.magicrelease
  • magiclist -> shows a list of all trapped players -> openplayerinventory.magiclist

By default, only ops have any of the permissions above.


This picture shows the sorting of the second inventory. You may need this to understand where to put or pick the Items and to see where the hotbar is.

I hope you enjoyed my description and I would welcome every download and every comments (postive or negative or neutral )
And have fun by using it and as soon as you’ve found some bugs please report them to me, thanks

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Credits: BlackDesert13Dev