Obsidian Ingots Mod

Obsidian Ingots Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

Updated: May 26, 2015 | 792 views |


Obsidian Ingots brings 5 new sets of tools and armor, a new kind of tool, a new kind of weapon, more explosives, magic items, weather and time control, powerful machines, a new kind of bow and arrow, lightning rods, and a few other features into Minecraft.


Machines in Action:

Weather Orb in Action:

Sword in Action:

Finding Platinum:




  • Moved setup to init(), saved preInit() for registering the
  • configuration.
  • Removed Obsidian Arrows.
  • Gave the Obsidian Bow an animation.
  • Fixed ?/oi’ command and added some more parameters.
  • Arrow launched from Obsidian Bow catches on fire, instead of it only
  • lighting a mob on fire.
  • Bumped version to 4.2.3.
  • Fixed animated textures.
  • Added ?latest’ command.
  • Added energy logo to Enrichment Chamber and Crusher GUI.
  • Added upgrade slot to all machines.
  • Added machine upgrade system.
  • Added Speed, Energy, and Ultimate upgrades.
  • Added PaulsCode-based sound system.
  • Added sound effects to machines.
  • Updated tile entity code.
  • Removed more default parameter names.
  • Added lots of javadocs, specifically to PacketHandler.
  • Fixed EnumColor object.
  • Fixed machines not invalidating when destroyed.
  • Fixed advanced electric machines not accepting energy upgrades.
  • Fixed theoretical elementizer progress not updating with speed upgrade.
  • Removed unneeded methods from IElectricMachine.
  • Renamed ?getScaledChargeLevel()’ to ?getScaledEnergyLevel()’
  • Completely refactored GUI code on machines.
  • Added energy meter to all machines.
  • Fixed minor GUI bugs.
  • Updated BuildCraft API.
  • Updated UE API.
  • Added support for UE joules instead of watt hours.
  • Fixed slow energy transfer between IC2 and BuildCraft machines/energy storage blocks.
  • Recoded IC2 energy transfer system.
  • Fixed NPE when loading a machine if you don’t have UE installed.
  • Implemented BC support for machines.
  • Machines now accept power from both IC2 cables and UE wires.
  • Merged many methods and fields into TileEntityBasicMachine.
  • Updated IElectricMachine with IC2/BC/UE energy transfer interfaces.
  • Added UE to ObsidianHooks.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
  • Updated to 1.4.2.
  • Add ?getMaxEnergy’ command to machines and power units.
  • Add ?getEnergyNeeded’ command to machines and power units.
  • Add crafting recipes and creative tab assignment for machine upgrades.
  • Add power transfer system for power units, so energy can be
  • transferred without needing UE, IC2, or BC.
  • Bugfixes.





Credits: aidancbrady