Nuke Plugin 1.6.4

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Nuke is a plugin that allows a player, if they have permission and if they have the money needed, can drop a falling tnt block from the sky that does a large amount of damage!


/nuke Drops a nuke


The permission is customizable inside the config. It defaults to : nuke.use


Heres what the config looks like:

#Permission required to use the command
permission: nuke.use

#How powerful the explosion will be (1 tnt is equal to 4 power)
#Be Careful with this setting, it can crash the server if it is too high.
power: 20

#Price per use
price: 2000

#Ammount of time in miliseconds untill the nuke will drop (1 second = 1000 Miliseconds)
delaytime: 20000

#First Message that will be displayed
message1: Nuke Inbound!

#Second Message that will be displayed
message2: The Nuke has impacted. A long time of suffering will follow.

The configuration is pretty self explanitory, if you need any help at all, fill free to put a comment and we will respond ASAP.

Nuke Plugin 1.6.4 Download Link

Credits: MintDev