NPGuys Plugin 1.6.4

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NPGuys (Non-Player Guys) ? the most anticipated (by me, at least) RPG plugin ? has finally arrived! At first it was created for polish server at, it has been rewritten twice so far, but at last, after over one-and-half year I release this masterpiece to public. Now you can easly create complex conversation trees and enjoy talking with NPCs, using smart, scoreboard-based UI. Blah, blah, blah random words?



  • Talk with Citizens NPCs, equipped with a special trait, by using predefined conversation trees

Planned Features / TO DO

  • Optional inventory-based GUI (or something like that)
  • API documentantion, some tutorials ? generally, the kind of stuff I don’t like
  • Command system/dialogue editor rework
  • Update to Minecraft 1.7.x
  • Any other ideas? You can post a ticket or a comment.

Technical Stuff


  distance: 5.0
  default: "scoreboard"
      headline: "Your answer"
        message_format: "&9[&6NPGuys&9] %npc: &r%msg"
        delay: 20
        message_format: "&9[&6NPGuys&9] %player: &r%msg"
    shortcut: "default"
    message: "This is default message."
      message: "This is default NPC response"
    shortcut: "Goodbye!"
    message: "Goodbye, %npc!"
      message: "Goodbye, %player!"


See also: Basic guide (work in progress)

/npguy <name>
Display npguy data, like message list etc
/npguy <name> create
/npguy <name> remove
/npguy <name> attach <id>
Attach npguy to citiznen’s npc with specified id (it has to have NPGuy trait)
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid>
Display message data
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> create
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> welcomemsg
Set selected message for npguy as a beggining of each conversation
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> shortcut <text>
Change shortut ? it’s message representation on the scoreboard response list ? max 12 characters
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> msg set <text>
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> msg add <text>
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> npcmsg add <text>
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> npcmsg set <text>
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> response add <uid>
Add a specified dialogue as a possible response for player to choose after npc says his line
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> response remove <uid>
Remove dialogue from response list
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> requirement add <type> <data>
Add a requirement to dialogue (if it’s not met, dialogue won’t appear on the reponse list) ? read more in basic guide
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> requirement addreversed <type> <data>
Reversed requirement is just a logical negation of standard requirement ? it’s only met when the base requirement isn’t
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> requrement remove <id>
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> action add <type> <data>
Add an action to dialogue (it’s performed after dialogue is called) ? read more in basic guide
/npguy <name> dialogue <uid> action remove <id>


Without it you can’t perform any /npguy commands
Gives access to dialogue management commands (npguys.manage.commands required)
Gives acces to npguy management commands (npguys.manage.commands required)

For developers

Missing a feature in the plugin? Want to implement some weird GUI for a modded server? Having too much spare time? If so, there’s an API specially for you! Just head for the?

Documentation and tutorials coming soon. Probably.

NPGuys Plugin 1.6.4 Download Link

Credits: Goldob