NoPluginDisplay Plugin 1.7.2

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Ho,Ho,Ho! The xmas update is coming!

NoPluginDisplay will help you to save your server against griefers!

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NoPluginDisplay blocks the /pl and /? command for everyone. This helps you to keep your plugins secret. Many servers haven’t blocked these commands, NoPluginDisplay will help. (Also Good for lazy people)


  • /nopd = Short form for /noplugindisplay
  • /noplugindisplay = See version number etc.


  • Put .jar file into the plugins folder
  • Start your server
  • Enjoy


If you found Bugs etc. write a comment! I’ll fix it as soon as I can!


In the config.yml you can change:

  • The language (“en” for english or “de” for german)

To-Do list

  • enable/disable command blocker


NoPluginDisplay does support PluginMetrics now in version 1.6.1


Here’s one german Tutorial (by BukkitDE)


  • For root server admins maybe NoPluginDisplay won’t work. You need to update your server’s Java version to 1.7 . Don’t know how? Just google it!
  • Maybe the command blocker won’t work. Download the newest version of NoPluginDisplay and delete the older. Reload/Restart your server and enjoy!

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