Nojump Plugin 1.7.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 579 views |

Nojump gives the ability to use the /nojump command ? if you write /nojump it toggles nojump for you, and you can also use /nojump <player> to toggle nojump for you.


Usage: /nojump ? Toggles nojump for the player. /nojump <player> ? Toggles nojump for player <player>.


Permissions: nojump.self ? The permission needed to use /nojump. nojump.other ? The permission needed to use /nojump <player>.

Known bugs

There are no known bugs in version 1.0. Got any suggestions? Found bugs? Tell me and I will fix them as fast as I can.

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Credits: NonameSL