NoJoinMessage+ Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 637 views |

Custom Size Or Disable Your Messages

Intro ?

Do you hate the spamming messages with [player] joined the game ? Then is this a plugin for you ! With this plugin you will never get a spamming Join, Leave, Kick, Ban And Death Messages ! I think it is verry usefull. And it always works?

Commands ?

There are 2 Commands

/njm = Get The PLugin Info

njm-reload = Reload The Plugin

Wath Does It Do ?

It delete all chat join or leave messages ! You can disable or customsize it in the config !

Is It UseFull ?

Yes, i think. If you hate the spamming Join/Leave/Back/Kick/Death messages.

Why This Plugin ?

This plugin has no bugs (If you find one say it in comments we will fix it in 1 day) This is a small file.

How To Install ?

  1. Download The .jar File
  2. Drag The .jar File Into The Plugins Folder
  3. Restart/Reload The Server
  4. Have Fun !

Futures ?

  • Add Firework
  • SAY IT IN COMMENTS ! -> Skypvp-Server -> CheeseCraft Server

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Credits: stewez