NoGriefers Plugin 1.6.4

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A server plugin that stop the classic griefers that use : tnt,lava,fire,etc.


NoGriefers.*: Allow to place every material

NoGriefers.tnt: Allow to place TNT.

NoGriefers.stationary_lava: Allow to place Stationary Lava.

NoGriefers.lava: Allow to place Lava.

NoGriefers.lava_bucket: Allow to place Lava Bucket.

NoGriefers.stationary_water: Allow to place Stationary Water

NoGriefers.water: Allow to place Water

NoGriefers.water_bucket: Allow to place Water Bucket

NoGriefers.flint_and_steel: Allow to place Flint And Steel Allow to place Fire

NoGriefers.bedrock: Allow to place Bedrock


enable: true ==>Stop the plugin on server

tnt: true ==>Enable or Disable tnt protect

stationary_lava: true ==>Enable or Disable stationary_lava protect

lava: true ==>Enable or Disable lava protect

lava_bucket: true ==>Enable or Disable lava_bucket protect

stationary_water: true ==>Enable or Disable stationary_water protect

water: true ==>Enable or Disable water protect

water_bucket: true ==>Enable or Disable water_bucket protect

flint_and_steel: true ==>Enable or Disable flint_and_steel protect

fire: true ==>Enable or Disable fire protect

bedrock: true ==>Enable or Disable bedrock protect

messageOnJoin: true ==>Send player a message on join


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Credits: 99razvan99