NoCussing Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 588 views |

Ever get tired of players and staff members cussing? Here’s the plugin for you! with this plugin players and staff including OPS cannot cuss / swear at all with a fully customizable config.yml you can add / remove bad words. This does come with bad words in the config.yml so you can add / remove words at your own leisure.

Installation NoCussing Plugin

  • Download NoCussing v1.0 and put it in your server’s “plugins” directory.
  • Load the plugin with either “reload” or do a server restart to apply the plugin.
  • Customize the words you don’t want players to say in the config.yml
  • Keep your server chat clean.


There is no permission node to bypass the NoCussing at the moment but that is somthing i need to do in a future update. (If enough people wanted it)

This plugin config.yml does come with some bad words you can add / remove swear words within the Config.yml file


  • Add permission node to bypass the NoCussing (If people want it)

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Credit to: Jaffaman96