NewHome Plugin 1.7.2

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The newhome plugin

What this plugin is is a home plugin witch makes your bed your home.
SoftDepends: vault ? if you want costs to tp.


/newhome ? Displays the help page. permission node is
/tohome ? Teleports You to your home. permission node is newhome.tohome
/tohome (player1) ? Teleports you to player1s home. permission node is newhome.self.tohome but if you have newhome.self.tohome.bypass it will not ask the other player first or charge you
/tohome (player1) (player2) ? Teleports player1 to player2s home. permission node is newhome.other.tohome
/pointhome ? Points your compass home. permission node is newhome.pointhome
/pointhome (player1) ? Points your compass to player1s home. permission node is newhome.self.pointhome
/pointhome (player1) (player2) ? Points player1s compass to player2s home. permission node is newhome.other.pointhome
/allowtp ? lets the last player that asked you if they could tp to you tp.
There is also newhome.*, newhome.self.*, newhome.other.* and newhome.user.*


There are two lines in the config
“to go to another players home: 0
to go to your own home: 0?
this is how much it costs to do that.


What you want!

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Credits: welsar55