All You Need Plugin 1.7.4

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All You Need

What is it?

All You Need is a new plugin in development that is created by me, a beginning programmer, and this is my very first project. The goal is to create a plugin that provides a very basic list of commands that is similar to the Essentials plugin but far simpler in scope, so as to prevent interference with other plugins.

An extra idea that may or may not be added into the release is an option to “disable” certain commands.



Version Added Command Description
v0.1a /ct Opens a crafting table wherever you are
v0.1.1a /ender Opens your ender chest wherever you are
v0.2b /tp <player> Teleport to another player
v0.1a /definespawn Set the location to be teleported to when /spawn is typed
v0.1a /spawn Teleport a player to a location defined by an administrator
v0.5 /home Go to a location that you defined
v0.5 /definehome Set the location for the player using the command to be teleported to when /home is set
v0.5 /heal Heal yourself or another player
v0.6 /kickall [reason] Kick all the players
v0.6 /rules Display the server rules
v0.7 /tphere <player> Teleport another player to you
v1.0 /tppos <X> <Y> <Z> Teleport to a specified position
v1.0 /mypos Check your position
v1.0 /tell <Player> <Message> Whisper a message to someone
v1.0 /fly [Player] Change your fly mode
v1.0 /hat Have a brand new hat
v1.0 /repair Repair the item you hold

Other Freatures

Version added Name Description
v0.6 BanBlocks Block players from placing blocks you selected in config.yml

In Progress

Status Command Description


  • /tpback (Teleport the last location where you died or teleported from)


  • ayn.*
  • ayn.ct
  • ayn.ender
  • ayn.tpgo
  • ayn.definespawn
  • ayn.spawn
  • ayn.rules
  • ayn.gethelp
  • ayn.home
  • ayn.sethome
  • ayn.heal
  • ayn.usebannedblocks
  • ayn.rules
  • ayn.kickall
  • ayn.mypos
  • ayn.tell
  • ayn.hat


Making of All You Need

We are the 2013 Duke TiP students at the University of Georgia taking the Team Programming for Video Games class during the first term of the program. Most of the students in the class began programming for the first time at the beginning of the term in June, and the program lasted three weeks. This specific Bukkit project is a group effort of some of the people from this class.

This project was to help us learn how to code for Java after learning C# and apply the knowledge we learned to our favorite game? Minecraft! So, here is the result of our first Bukkit project.

December 2013 Update

After long-distance took its toll on our development process, I was left to handle the plugin alone, and I, jflory7, haven’t had much time to work on the project as nearly as much as I’d like to. A past contributor, Beben107700, offered to take over the plugin full-time, and he is now the sole maintainer of the code and future releases.


Source code can be found published under the MIT License

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Credits: jflory7, Beben107700