MyMount Plugin 1.6.4

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MYMOUNT This bukkit plugin allows you to mount horses with a single command and you can mount more than a normal Horse! You can mount Mules, Donkeys, Skeleton-Horses and Undead-Horses! The Administratory can decide in which world Horse mounting is allowed, so you don’t get trouble with SurvivalGames ?! This plugin is great if you want to make some horse fights because the horse wouldn’t die (only when you leave)! If you found some bugs please write me a pn or fixe the bug! More Futures will come in the next months! I hope you will enjoy! Your Magicalrobot

MyMount Commands:

Mount Commands

  • /mount horse (Mount a Horse )
  • /mount donkey (Mount a Donkey)
  • /mount mule (Mount a Mule)
  • /mount zombie (Mount a Undead Horse)
  • /mount skeleton (Mount a Skeleton Horse)
  • /setmount [horsecolor] [horsestyle] (Mount a Specific Horse)
  • /givemount [Player] [horsecolor] [horsestyle] (Mount a Horse for another Player)

Info Commands

  • /mount help (Show all Commands)
  • /mount info (Show infos)
  • /mymount perm (Show all Permissions)
  • /horsecolor (Show all avaible Horsecolors)
  • /horsestyle (Show all avaible Horsestyles)

Admin Commands

  • /mymount reload (Reload the Plugin)
  • /mymount setworld (Allow MyMount for the PlayerWorld)

MyMount Permissions:

  • ‘mount.*’ (All Permissions)
  • ‘’ (Mount a Horse)
  • ‘mount.donkey’ (Mount a Donkey)
  • ‘mount.mule’ (Mount a Mule)
  • ‘mount.skeleton’ (Mount a Skeleton)
  • ‘mount.zombie’ (Mount a Zombie)
  • ‘mount.setmount’ (Mount a Specific Horse)
  • ‘nount.givemount’ (Mount a Horse for another Player)
  • ‘mount.reload’ (Reload Mount)

In Progress

  • Editable Messages
  • Setmount options Saving
  • Command for Using the Setmount Options

Support If you need some help with the plugin or you liked it please write a comment or send me a PM!

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Credits: magicalrobot