Munchausen Fireworks Plugin 1.7.2

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Munchausen Fireworks is a plugin that could bring a lot fun to your server.

This plugin, according to it’s name, is dedicated to my favorite (in childhood) book ? The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. If you read this book you can remember the story about Baron Munchausen and the cannon ball. I remember this story and invent a new item ? Munchausen Firework. This firework is a new item that allows players to ride the firework rocket and force other players (and mobs) to fly on it.


  • New item: Munchausen Firework and new recipes (to create a Munchausen Firework and to power up it)
  • Ride firework rocket and fly!
  • You can control your flying direction!
  • Use firework to bring made any mob flying!

How to use Munchausen Fireworks

  • Craft the Munchausen Firework rocket
  • Power up rocket if necessary
  • Run, sprint and use your firework
  • Yahoooo!!!!!


1. Creating a Munchausen Firework

You need a Firework Rocket. Place it workbench and combine it with leash.

2. Increase power of Munchausen Firework

Place Munchausen Firework in workbench and add some ( 1 ? 8 ) gunpowder. Every gunpowder will increase power of rocket by one.


There’s no commands in this plugin


  • munchausen.firework ? allows to use Munchausen Fireworks
  • munchausen.firework.launchmob ? allows to launch mobs with Munchausen Fireworks
  • munchausen.firework.launchplayer ? allows to launch other players
  • munchausen.fireworks.craft ? allows to use crafting recipes

Configuration (config.yml)

  check-updates: true # true - to enable update checker
  item: '&6Munchausen_Firework$FIREWORK'  # Firework item
  item-craft-enable: true      # Use crafting recipes
  item-remove: true             # false - to infinitive fireworks
  randomize-firewok: false  # Ignore firework settings and every time create a random firework effect
  sprint-to-fly: true               # Need sprinting to fly at firework
  decrease-takeoff-speed: true # if set to true the takeoff speed is lower than usual

Update checker

Munchausen Fireworks include a update checker that use your server internet connection. Update checker will every hour check the to find new released version of plugin and you can easy disable it: just set parameter “version-check” to “false” in config.yml.

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Credits: fromgate