MrVanish Plugin 1.7.2

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For your vanishing goods!


  • Completely hides player from players without permissions.
  • Sends out a fake leave message when player vanishes.
  • Sends out a fake join message when player unvanishes.
  • Removes player from tab and lists while vanished.


Commands Description
/vanish Allows players to vanish.
/v Alias for /vanish.


Permission Description
vanish.vanish Allows player to vanish and see players while vanished.


Version 1.0:

  • Initial Release


  • Fake join message when speaking.
  • Fake leave message on command.
  • Remove private messages.
  • Any other requests.

Have a request or idea? Please leave your requests/ideas down below or in the forums!

Test Server

I would like to thank InfamyPvP for giving me the help with the plugin. They always had a staff member come on my test server to help me and now are the first server that has MrVanish on their server! InfamyPvP is a great faction server and its worth it to go give them a try!

  • (Website)
  • (Server IP)

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Credits: MrGermanrain, Xsliceme