Mob Streak Plugin 1.7.2

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Mob Streak

Mob Streak keeps count of how many mobs a player has killed, when the player reaches a set number of kills the server runs a command, this command is set in the configuration as is the number of kills to be reached. Multiple “steps” of commands can be set so if a player reaches a multiple of the set number of kills, the next command is run. It also tells you your streak on each kill (this is toggleable in the config).


Command Function Aliases
/mobstreak Shows your current kill streak. [ms]
/mobstreak streak <name> Shows the Streak Leaderboard. With a name it only shows that players streak. None
/mobstreak set [name] [number] Sets the steak of [name] to [number]. None
/mobstreak clear <name> Clears all streaks without <name>, or clears a players streak with <name>. None
/mobstreak commands Shows all the commands in the config. None
/mobstreak reload Reloads the config. None
/mobstreak help Shows the Mob Streak help page. None


# Mobs that increase the streak.
 - Blaze
 - Cave spider
 - Creeper
 - Ghast
 - Magma Cube
 - Silverfish
 - Skeleton
 - Slime
 - Spider
 - Witch
 - Wither Skeleton
 - Zombie
 - Zombie Villager

# commands, in order of steps. 
  # gives player an iron sword when they reach the first step.
  - give &name 267
  # gives player an gold sword when they reach the second step.
  - give &name 283
  # gives player an diamond sword and drops a diamond
  # sword on the dead entity when they reach the third step.
  - give &name 276 &cmd msd 276

## Variables ##
# &name = The name of the player who reaches a step.
# &randName = a randomly picked name from the server list.
# &kills = The number of kills the player has made.
# &cmd = allows for multiple commands per step, use to split
# the commands.

## Config commands ##
# msf = mobstreak fill, does nothing(its not suppost to).
# msd [item] <amount> = mobstreak drop, does nothing out side of this
# config, drop the desired items where the entity that was killed died.

# the number of kill a player has to get before a command is run,
# if there are three commands the first is run when the player
# reaches 5 kills, then the next at 10 kills and the last at 15 kills.
command-step: 5

# Tell player their streak when they kill something?
tell-streak: true

#tell everyone the players score when they die.
broadcast-on-death: true

# save the streaks on stop/reload?
Save-streaks: true


Permission Function Default
mobstreak.* Access to all mobstreak commands. Op
mobstreak.mobstreak Allows the player to use /mobstreak command. true Allows the player to use /mobstreak help. true
mobstreak.streak Allow the player to use /mobstreak streak <name>. true
mobstreak.reload Allows the player to use /mobstreak reload. Op
mobstreak.set Allows the player to use /mobstreak set [name] [number]. Op
mobstreak.clear Allows the player to use /mobstreak clear <name>. Op
mobstreak.commands Allows the player to use /mobstreak commands. Op
mobstreak.noStreak If true, the player cannot gain a streak and doesn’t get any messages about their streak. false

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Credits: pure1101