MinigamesManager Plugin 1.7.2

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Minigames Manager


  • Thank you for 1800 Downloads!
  • ServerAdministartionManager is avaiable now!
  • The big English Update is now avaiable!
  • I will now just update the English Edition! An German messages.yml file will be soon be on my Website to download!

What is MinigamesManager?

MinigamesManager is an plugin, that manage your Minigames. It includes an Teleport-Inventory for the Minigames, an Minigamesspawn, an Infopoint for the Minigames, points for each plugin, info about the Minigames and Teleport signs!


  • infos about the minigames plugins
  • teleportpoint to the minigamesspawn
  • teleportpoint to the infopoint of the Minigames
  • teleportpoints for each Minigame
  • full configuration of the messages
  • selection of the used plugins
  • you can deactivate the teleportpoints, if you don´t use them
  • an Teleport-Inventory
  • an Item, which you use to open the Teleport-Inventory
  • the item you get if you spawn
  • Teleportsigns for the Minigamesspawn and the Infopoint

Commands + Permissions

Here you find ALL Commands and Permissions of MinigamesManager! (Newest Version: 5.0 BETA)

Command Aliases Description Permission
/mgm N/A Status of MinigamesManager mgm.plugin
/mgm plugin[2, 3] N/A List of all supported plugins none
/mgm help N/A Helppage of MinigamesManager
/mgm settel <Infp / MgS> N/A Sets the Minigamesspawn or Infopoint OR
/mgm settel <Pluginshort> N/A Sets the Teleportpoint of the plugin
/mgm tel N/A Opens the Minigames-Inventory
/mgm Pak [2] N/A List of all Pluginshorts mgm.inf.Pak
/mgm kompass /mgm kom or /mgm compass or /mgm com Gives you the MinigamesItem none
/minigames /Minigames Teleport to the Minigamesspawn mgm.minigames
/Infp N/A Teleport to the Infopoint
/inf N/A Information about the /inf Command mgm.inf.inf
/inf [Pluginshort] N/A Shows the Informations about the Plugins mgm.inf.Pl
Gives hole acess over MinigamesManager mgm.*
Gives all acess without the setting of Teleportsigns mgm.*
Gives acess to get informations mgm.inf
Stops the giving of the MinigamesItem at spawn mgm.noCompass

ToDo list

  • better infos about the plugins
  • more plugins
  • Teleportsigns for each plugin!
  • Have you any ideas???

Have fun with my first plugin!

If you have problems or questions: write an ticket please!


Its a Minigames, and in the future also an PVP Server! So have fun!
Email: [email protected]


Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

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Credits: Mineraftair, metmad22, TheMiniGamesPlayer