MiniGamePowerUps Plugin 1.6.4

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You see them on some servers, on hunger games, where someone just throws an egg at you and you slow down. You seen explosive arrows, auto igniting TNT. Want all of those cool stuff in one plugin? This plugin is for you where you can egg people, throw snowballs, shoot explosive arrows, auto ignite TNT, and make everyone blind. Want only one or two from this plugin? This plugin allows the ability to enable/disable power ups and pretty soon add a world blacklist where you quickly want to switch to a world and don’t have to keep disabling them!

Thanks to codename_B for the code to have those pretty fireworks at the tip of your arrows!

NOTE: An update will happen when 1.7.2 CraftBukkit build. I will upload 2 files one for 1.6.4, and one for 1.7.2 (Stating if there is a way of getting items from config without IDs since it’s going to be removed soon.) There would be no changes between them except that depending on if there is a method of getting items in 1.7.2, there would be a change in getting items in the 1.7.2 option.


? /mpu -Displays the plugin information, and if the power ups are enabled or not!

? /mpu changelog -Displays the changelog of the plugin (For those of you who are lazy :p) Toggable on/off in the config.



? mpu.flashbang

  • Permission to use flashbang power up

? mpu.autoigntnt

  • Permission to Auto Ignite TNT

? mpu.exploarrow

  • Permission to use explosive arrows!

? mpu.fireworkarrow

  • Permission to Use FireWork Arrows

? mpu.bypass

  • Permission to bypass effects of power ups if in the config opsandpermissionbypass: true.

By default: Ops can use all the power ups.


? By default: When right clicking a slimeball, it will cause everyone to have Blindness, as a ‘flash-bang’.

? By default: When a player is hit by a snowball, the player will get Nausea and Slowness

? By default: When a player is hit by an egg, the player will get Blindness and Slowness

? Auto Ignite TNT!

? Able to configure potion effects to the power-ups.

? Ability to enable or disable them when needed!


? Firework Arrows Thanks codename_B!

? Permission for flashbang, auto igniting TNT, explosive arrows, firework arrows, and a bypass permission node!

Features being Currently Implemented:

NOTE: These features are currently being implemented into the next version of the plugin!

? World blacklist (For multi world servers)

? Spawn mobs (Editable in the config)

Planned Features:

? Ability to add custom power-ups

? Perform commands when power-up is used

? If you would like a feature, leave a comment below!


# The default power-ups are flashbang, snowball, egg, and autoignitetnt.
# For information, visit
# Config file for MiniGamePowerUps v3.0
  item: 341 <- Item ID for Flashbang
  message: '&cAs @player plunges into the darkness...' <- Message broadcasted when using the flashbang
  enable: true <- Enable/disable
  effect: 9 <- Potion Effect ID
  effect2: 2 <- Optional Secondary Potion Effect ID
  enable: true <- Enable/Disable
  effect: 15
  effect2: 2
  enable: true
  allowhatching: false <- Allow chance of spawning baby chicken
  allowchickenspawning: true <- A dummy for something cool in the future.
  enable: false <- Enable/Disable
  fuseticks: 60 <- How many ticks until explosion
  blockingblockdamage: false <- Allow the blocking of block damage (Will try to make it less confusing :P)
    enable: false <- Enable/Disable
    allowblockdamage: false <- Self-explanatory
    doFire: false <- Allow fire in the explosion
    damage: 4 <- Damage (4 = TNT Damage)
    enable: true <- Enable/Disable
  removearrowentity: false <- Remove the arrow entity
  viewchangelog: true <- View the changelog in /mpu changelog
  allowopsandpermissionbypass: false <- Allow ops and those with mpu.bypass

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Credit to: MineOCraftMC