MineKnowledge Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin is still very early in its stages and has some annoyances which I will clear up over time


This plugin gives descriptions of blocks and entities you right click (including Players), like their id number for blocks or the health and if the mob is neutral, passive or aggressive. This plugin is designed more for those who either need just a quick reference for ID’s or new players to minecraft


  1. download this plugin from Bukkit ONLY. This is for your safety
  2. Extract the jar file from zip
  3. place jar file into plugins folder of server
  4. reload or restart server
  5. Have fun (most important step)

To do

  • Try to fix any bugs that come up, including incompatibility with other plugins
  • Any other types of info you may want added to the information
  • Permission nodes
  • De-clutter the plugin, so less hassle for me in the long run.
  • Show balance of other players (using vault)


  • /mk ? Toggles mineknowledge mode


enter command /mk to start Knowledge mode. Now if you right click anything with the wand (arrow by default) you will get some basic info on the object. To exit knowledge mode do /mk again

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Credits: nikmanG