Minecraft Realism Mod 1.12.2/1.12/1.7.10

Minecraft Realism Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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Like the name implies, Minecraft Realism Mod 1.12.2 manages to add dozens of new items to Minecraft such as Iron Chunks, Copper Rod, Copper Shell or Tool Rods. You also get access to change many Vanilla recipe and give Emeralds and The End more use. For instance, you can use copper rod to make Threaders, or use tool rods to craft various tools and weapons. Well, this mod extremely makes Minecraft more realistic than ever before.


  • ‘Lost items’ like Coins and Pocket Watches can occasionally be found in tall grass and can be melted down for iron chunks
  • Iron Chunks – Hammer them at a crafting bench to produce iron ingots.
  • Copper Rod – Used to make Threaders.
  • Copper Shell – Used to make batteries that power Handsaws.
  • Tool Rods – Used to craft various tools and weapons. Much sturdier than sticks.
  • Saw Blades – Can’t make Handsaws without it. Can also be used as a mediocre weapon.


  • Threaders – Wood, Iron, Gold or Emerald. Used to spin Cloth and String.
  • Hammers – Stone, Iron or Emerald. Used for mining and turning chunks of iron into ingots.
  • Handsaws – Iron, Gold or Emerald. Used for cutting down trees and slicing through enemies. Also needed to craft planks.*
  • Rocks – Found randomly in tall grass. Can be thrown at enemies or used to mine Stone.
  • Fertiliser – Used for creating farmland for crops. Comes in small bags.


  • Redstone Batteries 
    • Required in order to craft handsaws. Can be found in dungeon/mineshaft/village chests as well as the Bonus Chest if you don’t have redstone.
  • Sponge – Found at the bottom of the ocean and deep rivers. Has no real purpose?


  • Full Emerald equipment. Very high enchantability. Faster but less durable than diamond.
  • Ender Bow & Arrows – A powerful weapon obtainable only after killing the Wither and entering The End.

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Author: Eria8