Minecraft Pac-Man Game 1.7.4

Minecraft Pac-Man Game for Minecraft 1.7.4

Updated: Jul 26, 2017 | 732 views |


Minecraft Pac-Man Game is an interesting minecraft game which has them related to pac man style game. Your function in this mod is try collect the yellow balls to score points and then collect the larger yellow balls to make the monsters edable. This mod promises to bring a new breath to you game.


Minecraft Pac-Man Game Features:

  • Fully working game.
  • Different Mobs As Ghosts
  • Fully working score board

More Information:

Version: v1.0

File Type: .exe

Created By: BioFly Studios (Me)

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Download Minecraft Pac-Man Game 1.7.4

For 1.7.4


Author: BioFly Studios