MCRecipes Plugin 1.6.4

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Why choose this plugin?

If you want to add custom crafting recipes than this is something for you!

Comments en New Recipes

Please leave positive comments for me and if you have requests for new recipes please leave any comment!!! I hope you enjoy!!!!

What this plugin does

This plugin adds custom recipes that i can add on request. its basically a plugin to change the recipes like: emerald is not anymore the basic recipe but now it is: TOP LAYER: 3x diamond MIDDLE LAYER: 3x golden ingot LOWER LAYER: 3x iron ingot and not the normal recipe


To use this plugin simply just craft a workbench and add the specified ingredients.


Permissions This plugin does not use permission nodes because everybody may use recipes to craft!

Basic functionality

If you have like a pvp server and you have a parcour without the normal resources and you wanna let your users craft like a diamond sword or something and there are not enough resources to craft a diamond sword they can craft it with different resources.


This plugin uses no commands!


In the config.yml file you can set recipes to be true or false (Boolean types). If a recipe is set to false then the changed recipes are not used. If it’s set to true it will override the basic recipes and replace with edited recipes.

Coming in the next update

More Recipes

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Credits: xXRICO21Xx