MCAdmin-Chat Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 858 views |


MCAdmin-Chat is a special chat plugin that lets the staff talk to each other.


  • AdminChat.toggle


  • /adminchat ? Toggle the admin chat on and off.
  • /adminchat add <player> ? add someone to the admin chat.
  • /adminchat kick <player> ? Kick someone from the admin chat.
  • /adminchat list ? Get all players who are in the admin chat.

Coming Soon

  • New config
  • Prefix change able in config
  • New command: ‘/adminchat commands’
  • New command: ‘/adminchat reload’


Shadow48402 for helping MJRocks53 for creating it


Please do not post problems in comments section, make a ticket.

MCAdmin-Chat Notice

This plugin is under the copyright claim: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do not steal any of our work, or take credit if you did not help with it. If you do, you might be reported to a moderator on Bukkit.

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Credits: MJRocks53 , Shadow48402