MazePvP Plugin 1.7.2

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Tired of fighting other players on a dull, easy-to-navigate terrain? With this plugin, you can fight in a maze which is constantly changing shape while you’re not looking! Even the players can reshape the maze with the right items. Beware of the mobs that appear and be on a lookout for treasure chests.
The source of this plugin is available in the jar files and also on github.


  • Ability to create multiple mazes of any size
  • An indestructible boss that can teleport and kill players instantly
  • Projectile items such as eggs, snowballs and ender pearls behave differently inside mazes
  • Mobs and chests randomly appear

How to use/install

Just drop the jar in your plugins folder.
Use the following commands to manage your mazes:

/createmaze <name> <size> <entrancenum> [X] [Y] [Z] Creates a maze with name <name> at [X] [Y] [Z] (or player’s position if not specified). <size> is the number of 5×5 passages the maze should have, (for example, setting it to 5 will generaze a 25 block wide maze). Note that larger size mazes will take more time to generate (sizes above 10 might take several seconds). <entrancenum> is the number of entrances/exits the maze should have.
/deletemaze <name> Removes the maze with the specified name, deleting all its blocks and killing all mobs inside it
/listmazes Lists all mazes in the current world and their locations

The players should be in adventure mode so that they won’t break through the walls.


mazepvp: Gives access to all commands in MazePvP. By default, this is given to all ops.


Holes can appear in the floor either naturally or because of players. They are filled with spikes, and anyone who falls into them instantly dies, so be sure not to fall! These can actually be jumped over if the timing and angle is exactly right.


When a player enters a maze, he will get some items to use. When exiting the maze, the inventory gets cleared, so don’t go near the exit if you are still planning to fight inside. You can find more items inside treasure chests, and you can store them in ender chests so that you don’t lose them after dying. Some items behave differently inside mazes.


Eggs can be used to break the walls and floor. However, they do not break the “pillars” that are marked as mossy stone bricks. The floor will smoke for a few seconds before disappearing, so use that time to find safe footing!


You can use snowballs to restore parts of the floor or walls. Just throw them at a pillar or in a chasm.

Ender pearls

Instead of teleporting to where the pearl landed, you will teleport to a random location inside the maze, and you won’t suffer any damage. These can really come in handy if you’re falling into a chasm or facing a lot of enemies!

The boss

The boss is a zombie with black clothes and a wither skeleton mask. One of him will appear in every maze. He can teleport to any location, so you never know when you’ll encounter him! He can kill players with one hit and he cannot be killed. If he falls into a chasm, he will teleport away before hitting the bottom.


The following values can be set in the config.yml file:

bossName The name of the boss that should appear in the chat
probabilities.groundReappear The rate at which chasms in the ground will heal. If this is set to a low value, they will disappear slower
probabilities.chestAppear The chance for a chest to appear at certain intervals. There is a 2/3 chance that the chest will be an ender chest
probabilities.mobAppear The chance of a mob appearing at certain intervals.
chestItems.itemX Items that can appear inside chests. Items with higher weigh will have a higher chance of appearing in treasure chests.
chestItems.itemCount This number indicates how many items there are in chestItems.* For example, if chestItems has item1 through item10 set, this value should be 10.
startItems.itemX Items that players get when entering a maze.
startItems.itemCount Like chestItems.itemCount, this number indicates how many items there are in startItems.* For example, if startItems has item1 through item4 set, this value should be 4.


If you have any suggestion or encounter a bug, post a comment or send me a PM!

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Credits: PlutoniumWeddingRing