Mask Mod for MCPE

Mask Mod for MCPE for Minecraft MCPE 0.15, MCPE 0.14, MCPE Master

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The Mask Mod adds 9 different masks which when worn give some type of potion effect. Mostly all masks are based on the face of mobs in Minecraft. It’s a good mix because some are just funny and others scary.


All the masks have their own crafting recipe and they can be worn similar to helmets. Once you have one on your face you will get some different effects. To craft each mask you will need a Clay Mask. So far, we’ve found no way to craft this mask, but we’ll update here once we find out how to retrieve it.

  • Clay Mask – unknown recipe

Guardian Mask
Recipe: 4 emeralds + 4 diamonds + 1 clay mask
Effects: Strength, Water Breathing, Night Vision


Troll Mask
Recipe: 2 strings + 1 clay mask
Effects: Regeneration


Cow Mask
Recipe: 5 leathers + 2 cocoa beans + 1 grey dye + 1 clay mask
Effects: Absorption


Creeper Mask
Recipe: 3 dark green wool + 2 lime green wool + 3 gun powders + 1 clay mask
Effects: Resistance


Elder Guardian Mask
Recipe: 3 quartz + 3 sponges + 2 gold ingot + 1 clay mask
Effects: Speed, Water Breathing


Enderman Mask
Recipe: 6 black wool + 2 coal + 1 clay mask
Effects: Speed, Haste, Strength, Ender Particles


Sheep Mask
Recipe: 5 white wool + 2 ink sacs + 1 pink dye + 1 clay mask
Effects: Regeneration, Health Boost, Absorption


Spider Mask
Recipe: 3 ink sacs + 4 strings + 1 cocoa beans + 1 clay mask
Effects: Speed, Regeneration, Night Vision


Skeleton Mask
Recipe: 4 bones + 4 bone meal + 1 clay mask
Effects: Regeneration, Resistance, Fire Resistance


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Author: Daniel02MCPE, Qbot Industries