MAPI Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 556 views | What is MAPI? MAPI is a new API that allows developers who aren’t familiar with MySQL to use databases with ease! Like the logo? It was made by SzymonOwca!


Showing User Balance

If you wanted to get a user’s balance from mysql, you would do this:

MAPI.connect("localhost", "db_admin", "abc123", "minecraft");
int balance = MAPI.selectInt("userData", "user", p.getName(), "balance");



MAPI.connect("localhost", "databaseName", "username", "password");



Getting Values

MAPI.selectString("tableName", "criteria", "criteriaValue", "columnName");

MAPI.selectInt("tableName", "criteria", "criteriaValue", "columnName");

MAPI.selectBool("tableName", "criteria", "criteriaValue", "columnName");

Inserting Values

MAPI.insertString("tableName", "column array", "values array");

MAPI.insertInt("tableName", "column array", "values array");

MAPI.insertBool("tableName", "column array", "values array");

Deleting Values

MAPI.delete("tableName", "criteria", "criteriaValue");

Updating Values

MAPI.update("tableName", "criteria", "criteriaValue",
                                         "columnName", "columnValue");

Using MAPI

MAPI mapi;
mapi = new MAPI();

Found a Bug?

Open a ticket so that the developer has more of a chance of responding!

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Credits: CopyableCougar4