ManCo Supply Crates Plugin 1.6.4

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With this plugin you can let chests fall from out the sky like crates!, this plugin is inspired by Team fortress2. do you ever wanted to see man co crates in minecraft?, well here is you chance:)

How does ManCo supply crates Plugin works?

basicly per 90000*51 milliseconds the plugin will choose only one of the players random and spawns a falling chest! when the chest is spawned the player retrieves a broadcast that he found ManCo crate, note that other players can’t open this crate. when the crate owner opens the crate, the crate will hang and in the chat a counter from 5 to 0 starts, if its 0 it opens the chest inventory with random items specified from the configuration file and when the inventory get closed the chest breaks this also counts on Quiting, Leaving, and reloading the server.


manco.command allows you to use /manco or /mc


/manco allows you to spawn a crate yourself
/manco <player> allows you to spawn a crate to a player


ManCo supply crates Plugin

when you look inside the generated folder there is a file called items.yml if you open it you will see the item codes which could be inserted in the man co crate as random, you can add as much of items as you want.

configuration schematic is DataValue:subDataValue(if nothing use 0):amount

also there is a value called time, if you like more players to redeem crates on a faster time you could lower the value we don’t recommend to go under 1200.


We strongly suggest to use ManCo R0.2 as stable version R0.1 has memory leaks and problems to break crates.

Featured updates

? adding vanishNoPacket support so server owners can be vanished with peace.

? adding worldguard support, we want to be sure the player can build on the place the chest falls or another player gets choosed.

? adding more drops per time per player.

? adding a reload command

? adding iConomy support?


This plugin is not affliated with Valve or their products.

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Credits: xize