Make It Break It Double Map 1.12/1.10.2

Make It Break It Double Map for Minecraft 1.10.2

Updated: Aug 19, 2016 | 460 views |

Make It Break It Double Map 1.12!

WARNING! You MUST know 3 things BEFORE playing this map!

  • 1: You have to be with another player to play this map well.
  • 2. This map isn’t that hard as others, so don’t be afraid.
  • 3. Play MIBI 1 or 2 or 3 FIRST! The rules will NOT be explained in this map.

So, are you ready for another part? With more creativity? You know the rules (I hope) and they are still active. No new rules, but new techniques.

Two modes:

  • Mirror Mode, where you have to work together to clear the level.
  • Versus Mode, where you have to make/break as fast as possible to beat your friend.

And 1 mystery bonus level with a new rule! But in a test phase.
Switch, press, make and break.
Think, walk, fail, sigh.
Solve, jump, search and look.
Run, fight, fall, DIE!





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