LoveLife Plugin 1.7.2

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LoveLife: get married in minecraft

  • Marriage ? and thats it.
  • Config Cost for divorce and marriage


  • Configurable cost of marriage.
  • Configurable cost of divorce.
  • Tells you when your Love logs in or out
  • Developer API


Default commands

  • /love ? ? list of commands
  • /love Help ? list of commands
  • /love you <name> ? Propose marriage
  • /love accept <name> ? Accept marriage
  • /love decline <name> ? Decline marriage
  • /love divorce ? Divorce your partner
  • /love who <name> ? See a players marriage status
  • /love cost ? shows cost of love


  • none


You need Vault to charge money for marriage and divorce.


This is nothing but love. There will be no more commands added. You may get married, divorce, list people married and configure the cost. That is all. Want more commands try Marriage Reloaded.

Love API

Example: String spouse = LoveAPI.getMarriedTo(player) ;

Love All

That’s why no permissions

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Credits: rasnyderiii