LorinthsRpgMobs Plugin 1.7.4

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This is a simple plug and play plugin that adds a difficulty to creatures, and a Level Indication based on their distance from Spawn. The current formula to get the mobs level is currently non configurable but is as follows?

((Distance from 0,0) / 50) + 1 = Mob Level

  • This gives the result of creatures 0 ? 49 blocks from spawn = Level 1. 50-99 = Level 2, etc

What these levels change and add?

  1. Increases Damage / Health a monster has (level 1 creatures start at Minecrafts Normal difficulty in terms of damage)
  2. Adds armor to creatures at specific increments
  3. Adds certain effects to monsters attacks (e.g Skeletons gain a chance to poison at level 30)

NOTE :: This mod makes it very difficult to play vanilla without any sort of RPG based plugin such as MCMMO, or the plugin I am developing known as “Player Development.” So I recommend using McMMO or another character building plugin until I release my plugin.

Picture Examples

? This is what you would see in the server, simple but an indicator of what will be challenging

http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/LorinthsRpgMobs.png http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/LorinthsRpgMobs%201.png

Notice you only see the level if you are close and are looking at it (so you don’t have a billion nametags floating around)


? No commands its all automatic (with configuration in the future)


? None! This only changes gameplay and has no commands that need permissions


? Create config.yml file, so players can edit distance modifier from 50.

? Create monsters.yml to change monster attack strength and scaling

Known Bugs

? None! Thankfully =)

LorinthsRpgMobs Plugin 1.7.4 Download Link



Credits: lorinthios