Lightning Tools Plugin 1.7.2

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This is a simple light-weight plugin that adds powerful tools or weapons to your bukkit server.The current tools are the Lightning Sword, throws lightnings where your looking when right clicked with it in your hand.The Lighting Bow, Throws lightings where the arrow landed.And the Guardian Bow, summons Iron Golems by the cost of a configurable amount of iron, Also you have the ender bow that can teleport you where your arrow landed with no damage cost but costs a configurable amount of ender pearls per use. This plugin can be used for fun , for a gift for donators in your server or as whatever you can.


  • /lsword -Gives you the Lighting Sword ONLY if you are OP
  • /lbow -Gives you the Lightning Bow, Only if you are OP
  • /ibow-Gives you the Guardian Bow, Only if your OP
  • /ebow-Gives you the Ender Bow, Only if you are OP


In the config file you will have 15 different options to config:

receive_sword_message. Is the Message you get after you receive the sword

no_permission. This is the message you recieve if you dont have permision to use the command.

sword_name. This is the name of the Sword.

damage_per_strike: The damage the tool receives after a strike

max_range: The maxium range of the lightning

damage_per_strike: The damage the sword receives per strike

broken_sword: The message you receive when your sword gets destroyed

bow_name: name of a bow that throws lightings

receive_bow_message: message when you receive the lightning bow

almost_destroyed: name of the almost destroyed lighting sword

ibow_name: name of the bow that summons iron golems

no_material_name: message when you have no iron or ender pearls left to use

remove_iron: quantity of iron to remove when summoning

receive_ibow_message: message when you receive the ibow

remove_ender: Quantity of ender pearls required for a shot with the ender bow.

ebow_name: Ender Bow name

receive_ebow_message: Message when you receive the Ender Bow


  • Please report any bug on the commentaries.
  • This is my first plugin. ?
  • 1.5 Update Adding a Lightning Bow!
  • The lightning sword receives damage each time you strike.
  • IMPORTANT:To learn what does each tools visit the Usage Page.Usage Page
  • Improvining it soon.


  • v1.0 Release.
  • v1.1 Fixed an error bug nad added a config file.
  • v1.2 Added 2 more options in the config file, now you can click with both clicks to do the lightning.
  • v1.5 FIXED THE CONFIG FILE, Added more options and durability per strike.
  • v1.5 The lightning sword receives damage each time you strike.
  • v1.7 ADDED the Ender Bow
  • v1.8 Made the plugin complatible with 1.7.X

To-do List

Nothing yet! Leave suggestions below I hope you like the plugin! Leave whatever you want below!

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Credits: Zaphyk, thalac123